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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  March 5, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> doctors say angel suffered serious head and neck injuries from that tornado. and they simply couldn't reduce the swelling on her brain. breaking news in iraq now. gunmen killed 25 iraqi police officers in western iraq. officials say a gang of men carried out the carefully planned attack wearing military-style uniforms. the gang started the killings by kidnapping two police commanders from their homes. then the gang claimed they had warrants for 15 police officers. in the end, the gang shot and killed 25 people, injured three others, and raised the al qaeda flag at a police checkpoint. police said three gunmen were killed, but the rest escaped. want to turn to the weather. meteorologist tom kierein is here. a lot of people hoping that winter can give us one more good gasp and come one some snow. >> who are these people? >> i'm not one of them. some people are hoping for it. >> we need to call them at home?
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>> all three or four. yes, there may be snow here falling the next few hours. not now. take a look outside. we've got a clear sky right over the washington monument now. that bright, nearly full moon in the western sky. cold. it's 33 now at reagan national. we've got a bit of a southwesterly breeze. and we are going to have the winds increasing a little bit later as we get into the middle of the morning and during the afternoon. it is near or below freezing throughout most of west virginia, virginia, and maryland. right near the bay, though, any wind off the waters, it's a little above freezing on the eastern shore, near annapolis. elsewhere, all around the region, montgomery, arlington, fairfax, to prince george's counties, in the upper 20s. we do have a little disturbance, a weak area of low pressure that's spreading snow now into southern west virginia. southwestern virginia. that is going to be passing to the south of the metro area. and this zone in lavender is the zone where they're under a winter weather advisory until noontime. the closest county would be spotsylvania, orange, caroline
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county in virginia. that's going to be the zone that may get perhaps up to an inch on mainly grassy areas. locally here around the metro area, a few flurries around. a cold morning, 30s, breezy and chilly this afternoon. highs reaching the mid 40s, any flurry activity would be ending by just past noontime or so. take a look at the evening planner, that will be in ten minutes. now let's look at traffic. good morning. good morning and happy monday. if you're traveling around the beltway, not really seeing any issues. and travel speeds look really nice now. inner loop at branch avenue, you're at 65 miles per hour. if you're commuting also on the inner loop, this time past route 50, you're at 63 miles per hour. taking the beltway in montgomery county, really nice travel speeds as you make your way past georgia avenue. you're just above the speed at 62 miles per hour. and i'm not seeing any issues on the inner loop and outer loop. crossing over the american legion bridge, a live look now. you see the volume is light. traveling on the outer loop as well as the inner loop of the beltway. now back to you both. >> thanks.
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4:32. in the race for the white house, we are just 24 hours away for super tuesday. with more than 400 delegates at stake, it is the largest single day of voting in the race. the candidates will be out making a final push to count last-minute undecided voters. delegates are up for grabs in ten states including virginia. however, voters in the commonwealth will only be able to select between mitt romney and ron paul. the other candidates failed to secure enough signatures to get on the ballot. and according to a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, mitt romney holds a slight edge over rick santorum with 38% of likely voters. newt gingrich and ron paul are tied in a distant third place with just 13% each. and as we head into super tuesday, mitt romney also has a major endorsement. house majority leader eric cantor says he's backing the former massachusetts governor. cantor says romney has been -- has the best plan to make america financially strong. but the virginia congressman says he has no plan to run as a
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vice presidential candidate should romney get the nomination. today president obama will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to discuss the growing concern that iran is developing a nuclear weapon. yesterday the president spoke at the annual conference for the american islam public affairs committee. he told the crowd of more than 13,000 that israel needs to be patient with iran and hopes that international sanctions work. he did say that the u.s. would use force to help protect israel from a possible nuclear attack. >> i will not hesitate to use force when it is necessary to defend the united states and its interests. moving forward, i would ask that we all remember the weightiness of these issues. the stakes involved for israel, for america, and for the world. >> president obama added that a nuclear armed iran is not only a danger to israel but a danger to the united states, as well. today we expect to see a massive demonstration in moscow protesting vladimir putin
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winning the presidency. opponents say the landslide win is invalid and the result of widespread voter fraud and ballot stuffing. putdin thanked supporters for electing him to an unprecedented third term to president, six more years of power. putin called the win a victory over opponents intent on destroying russia's statehood. rescuers are looking for victims of a weapons depot explosion in the republic of congo. the blast caused several buildings to collapsed whiching two churches holding mass. at least 206 people were killed. more than 1,500 were hurt. officials say a short circuit possibly caused a fire inside the arsenal on a military base which then set off the explosion. this morning a 23-year-old d.c. man faces several charges in a chaotic multi-crash involving a loaded metro bus. take a look at this three-vehicle crash sunday afternoon at southern and pennsylvania avenues in southeast washington. police say the man behind the wheel of the car drove away from a police officer trying to stop
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him in prince george's county. police did not chase the car. the metro bus passengers and the driver say it was a bad crash, but it could have been a whole lot worse. >> i heard a large boom-boom. i look up, all this happened -- the bus driver did a good job maneuvering over. we were pretty safe. >> it could have been a lot worse. it seems like it's a very bad accident, but it could have been a lot worse. >> a prince george's county police officer responding to the call was also involved in a separate crash when a car made a u-turn in front of him. in all, six people were taken to the hospital including three children. rodney miller was arrested, charged with running from police, leaving the scene of a crash, and driving on a suspended license. a volunteer for a d.c. council candidate is behind bars, accused of stabbing a man to death. it happened yesterday in the 3600 block of highwood drive southeast. police say 37-year-old robert wright died after being stabbed. officers arrested 56-year-old elsworth cull better in
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connection with the stabbing. he worked for chavis. he said "i hope that the allegations of mr. culbert involvement are false. if they are found to be true, he needs to face whatever justice is handed by the court." a funeral is scheduled for later this week for a teenager killed in the school shooting in ohio. 16-year-old demetrius hughland spent his younger areas in the d.c. area. he was killed at chardon high school near cleveland last week. his father said his son was a straight-a student who loved computers and sports. he urged all parents to treasure their time with their children. huland would have turned 17 this thursday. his funeral will be tomorrow. now 4:37. 35 degrees. ahead, one home family is missing this little guy. the dangerous place where someone rescued him. plus, the harsh punishment that could be handed down in the nfl hit squad investigation involving a former redskins coach. and the dose of winter
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another tough loss for the capitals. this time to the philadelphia flyers. they scored halfway through the second period, the only tally for the whole game. the caps stopped 34 shots. the flyers defeat washington 1-0. next up for the caps, they take
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on carolina at home opportunity. >> and the virginia commonwealth university one step closer to dancing. the rams came out on fire against george mason. at one point, up 21-0, early in the game. troy daniels led vcu 17 points, six rebounds, the rams defeated george mason 74-64. vcu will play drexel tonight for the caa championship. we expect to pack the coliseum in richmond. the winner gets an automatic bid to the ncaa tournament. you know, i'm rooting for the rams on that game. >> smart woman. now three times in three weeks we played mason. they beat us the first time. we got them the second two times. dan hellie, eat that. >> he's not up to watch, you know that, right? >> he was talking junk, though. he'll see it. >> it's hard. george mason's a local team. we root for the local teams. for the championship we're rooting for your team. there you g. we'll check the forecast.
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particular -- tom kierein with winter wedding -- not winter wedding, winter weather. it's monday. it's early. >> we might see a few snowflakes later this morning. right now, a clear sky and cold. temperatures now down into the 20s to near 30 degrees throughout most of the region. the maximum amount at 33. looking at the view from space, we have clouds on the increase now. just coming to the shenandoah valley. the bright white area is snow reaching from roanoke to charleston in west virginia and into eastern kentucky. that's a weak area of low pressure, going to be passing to the south. we have a winter weather advisory. it includes the nearby counties of spotsylvania, orange, points south. this winter weather advisory in effect until noontime. and locally, we might have just a few flurries around the metro area by mid morning and during the middle of the day. temperatures climbing to near 40 at noontime. a blustery wind this afternoon. the sky clearing this afternoon and evening. sunset at 6:06.
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clear and cold, near freezing by midnight. a look at the rest of the week and some of the snow totals. more in ten minutes. danella? traveling i-66, seeing nothing but green. meaning nothing really slowing you down yet. your volume's very light. and some of you are actually speeding really fast. 71 miles per hour eastbound out of haymarket. slower, 63 passing centreville. in fact, as you make your commute east and west on i-66 outside of the beltway, no issues inside of the beltway. we'll take a live look now at spout run parkway. you see light volume in both directions, eastbound travel speeds, 55 miles per hour. aaron and eun? >> all right. thank you. 4:43. 34 degrees. still to come, the next counties that will likely start charging you for bags. plus, the possible speed camera changes.
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welcome back. despite a public apology, a seventh advertiser is pulling spots from risch limbaugh's radio show. >> we want something for it -- >> pro-flowers says it is suspending ads on the conservative radio talk show after limbaugh's comments about a georgetown law student. he called sandra fluke a shut and prostitute after she testified on capitol hill about a birth control policy spa would compel employers to offer health insurance covering birth control for women. in a statement pro-flowers said, "mr. limbaugh's comments went beyond political discourse to include a personal attack." a civil rights trial begins nearly five years after a gunman shot and killed people at virginia tech. the university's president and top administrators are among those expected to take the stand. they have to explain their
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actions on that day in april, 2011. the lawsuit involves parents two of victims, each seeking $100,000 in damages. other families have settled their lawsuits against the school. families of september 11 victims are calling for congressional hearings to set ethical procedures on human remains after disasters. a plan calls for unidentified remains of 9/11 victims to be placed in a repository at the world trade center memorial museum. a group of families said that plan desecrates the memory of their loved ones. the opposition comes days after the pentagon revealed partial remains of several victims were incinerated by a military contractor and sent to a left-handfill. peoplive -- landfill. people in prince george's county could soon pay a bag tax. a bill is moving through the maryland general assembly that allows prince george's county to establish a tax cut on disposable plastic and paper bags. unlike montgomery county, prince george's county requires permission from the general assembly to implement new taxes.
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the county council passed a measure supporting the bag tax. delegates also support the measure. now it goes to the maryland senate. right now the district and montgomery county charge a five-cent bag tax. maryland lawmakers are scheduled to vote on a bill this week that would allow contractors to validate speed camera tickets. according to the "washington examiner," the measure would apply to all cameras including those operated by the state highway administration. under current law, a police officer must review all violations before a ticket can be sent. supporters say it's a better use of police resources, but critics argue it would make it more difficult for someone to contest a flawed ticket. do you know anybody who lost a fox terrier near the beltway in montgomery county? a bethesda woman says her electrician picked up this little guy during a rainstorm on friday. he told her the dog had been running around near the old georgetown road exit. cheryl lehe and her family posted flyers around the neighborhood, but nobody's come forward yet. >> just a sweet dog. so i don't think he's -- i think
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somebody's missing him. >> does he have tags? >> no, he had no collar, he had no tags. but his teeth are clean, his nails are clipped, he was well groomed and wasn't hungry. i don't think he had been gone long. >> they've been calling the dog rex for the time being. >> someone's looking for this puppy. >> for sure. hopefully they'll come forward now they know where to start looking. former redskins defensive coordinator greg williams set to meet with nfl officials today. >> they'll discuss allegations that he offered money to players if they injured opponents during a game. williams, who was with the redskins from 2004 to 2011, is accused of offering bounties on players during his time with four different teams including washington. he is currently the defensive coordinator of the st. louis rams. the nfl is expected to make a decision by the end of march on whether or not to punish williams for the alleged bounties. the "washington post" cited sources saying the suspensions could be for a half season or maybe even longer. some bad news for the rest
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of the national league. it appears washington r steven straussburg is back to 100%. he made his debut for the nats as they took on the houston astros. the 23-year-old right hander -- still 23? just 23? boy. he pitched two-plus innings, giving up three hits and two runs while striking out three. the astros actually thumped the nationals 10-2. washington moves on to play the mets tonight. an amateur photographer caught what expert believe was a meteor on camera. police in the u.k. received several calls about a bright light streaking across the sky. a photographer was using special motion-detection software to take this video. some people thought the bright streak was a burning airplane, but british police tweeted out the message telling the public not to worry. very cool. >> yeah. we're talking about things in outer space. scientists are floating two new ideas on how to deal with that steroid that will come -- asteroid that will come near the earth in february next year.
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one idea is to build a spaceship capable of shooting or crashing into the asteroid, breaking it into pieces. >> what's the other one? >> the other idea -- get this -- is to use the spacecraft to dump paint on the asteroid. that didn't work in cary, but here maybe. paint would affect the asteroid's ability to reflect sunlight, changes its temperature and changing its flight path. >> i hope they have a plan c. >> just pray. there you go. >> plan c is wallpaper. try that. >> should we be concerned, tom? >> no. but of greater concern is some snow in march. not that unusual. we could have some falling here in the next few hours. not now, though. we've got a clear sky over the washington monument. there is a live view from our alaska camera. 33 now at reagan national. we've got a light breeze coming out of theest sw. temperatures are cold. cold enough -- the southwest. temperatures are cold. cold enough for snow. 20s throughout west virginia, virginia, and maryland. right in washington, temperatures only, a little
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above freezing, montgomery county, upper 20s. mid to upper 20s now in fairfax and arlington, as well as in prince george's counties. much of southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, too, they are right near or a little below freezing. our potential snow, it's due to a weak area of low pressure. now snowing. the area of white, roanoke through southern shenandoah valley into southern west virginia, eastern kentucky. rapidly moving to the east. it will bring clouds in another couple of hours. all these counties in lavender under a winter weather advisory until noon. it includes spotsylvania county. that's the closest county to washington. and again, that's not going to begin for another few hours. we might have a few flurries. here's the metro forecast. by mid morning. then by noon, snow flurries, too, that might mix with a few sprinkles of light rain, near 40 degrees. then clearing by late afternoon. a bit of a blustery wind. and we'll get cold tonight as we clear out. sun set's at 6:06. near freezing by midnight. here are the snow totals i think
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we may get from the fast moving system. could be a dusting to an inch on grassy areas. and that light blue zone in southern maryland and all the way as far north perhaps as southern fairfax county and fauquier county and points west. the darker blue could get one to three inches, mainly on grassy areas only far to the south. and then tomorrow, we'll get the sunshine back, near 50. sunny on wednesday, up around 6 or so. and it might -- 60 or so. it might hit the 60s on thursday. friday could get rain. next weekend, chilly with sunshine back. danella, good morning. how's traffic? good morning. still looking really good. off to a great start if you're about to hit the roadways. coming from dale city on i-95 as you make your way toward the 20 beltway, no issue at this time. on fairfax county parkway, speeds looking good. light volume. southbound looks good. northbound, you're at 66 miles per hour, taking 11 minutes to get from the occoquan to the beltway. slow down because the volume is light. continuing on to 395, no issues
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there. here's a live look at washington boulevard. in fact, making your way on 395 northbound from the beltway to the 14th street bridge, you're at 62 miles per hour. that trip only taking 12 minutes at this time. over to you. >> thank you. it is now 4:54. if you filled up your gas tank, you already know gas prices are up. in fact, nationally gas prices are up 14% since the beginning of the year. high crude oil prices, oil refineries shutting down, and concerns over the situation in syria and iran are partially to blame for the price spike. right now, aaa reports the average of regular is $3.88 in the district. in maryland, $3.71. in virginia, the average is $3.65. in west virginia, it's $3.81. expensive. >> yeah. it is. i drive around for gas. which probably wastes more gas than i'm saving money. it makes sense in my head. >> there you go. time is 4:54. coming up, it's nerve wracking for every parent. the new way to track your teen when they get behind the wheel. plus, ahead at 5:25,
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swirling speculation. who claims to have pieced together the next ipad before it's released? and next, an odd case of school bullying. [ husband ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does. good morning, chickens!
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this morning, two school maintenance workers are in trouble, accused of -- of binding and gagging 10-year-old boys in the bathroom. it happened at gregory
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elementary school in long beach on thursday. the boys told the teacher the workers wrapped them in yellow caution tape and took pictures. the teacher immediately told the principal and the principal called police. the workers were sent home. so far no charges have been filed. parents, are you worry good your kids driving a little too fast? here's an app -- sort of. aaa unveiled a safe driving device called onboard. it uses wireless technology that allows parents to set driving parameters like speed, geographic boundaries, curfews for your teen driver. if the driver breaks the set parameters, the system will send an e-mail or text message to the parents. aaa says the device is about safety, not spying. >> through the various tools that are available to the parent on aaa onboard, they will be able to have conversations about safety and talk to their teen about speeding and driving past curfews and other key aspects.
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>> right now aaa only offers the device to members in southern california. lindsay lohan had one of the most-watched performances on "saturday night live" this weekend. >> she poked fun at her legal troubles and bouts with substance abuse in the opening nologue. this weekend's episode was the second most-watched "snl" of the season. ratings followed a january episode hosted by ex-nba player charles barkley. lohan's performance did not get such rave reviews from the critics. >> the "washington post" said she seemed nervous and relied too much on cue cards. next up, lohan will star in a lifetime movie about liz taylor. a lot of people tuned to see if she would get through it. >> the talk was "the real housewives of disney." >> i did see that. >> look for it. it was hilarious. >> disney


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